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Recipe: Fluffy Baking Powder Biscuits

A classic American staple of the midwest and south, these fluffy biscuits serve as a wholesome accompaniment to any meal of the day. Continue reading

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Uncle Dick: Marriage Equality Update

A special message from Uncle Dick on Marriage Equality: North Carolina  joins the growing numbers of states marrying gay people.  I know some people don’t agree with marriage equality because of religious or moral objections. Some may not agree based on … Continue reading

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Ice Bucket Challenge Breaks the Rules and it is Awesome

My friend Scott Brown’s a social worker who has breast cancer and needs to take time off from his career to fight his illness and will need help with his expenses. My Ice Bucket Challenge is dedicated to his fight by supporting his GoFundMe page. Continue reading

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Part 6. Washtub Rehab – Finishing Touches

UPDATED – NEW PHOTOS. The painting is done. The lid is attached and meets in the middle. But things are looking a little… plain. I want embellishments — no — I want hardware! Check it out! Continue reading

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Part 5. Washtub Rehab – Painting

UPDATED. Galvanized metal. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

…Well, give me a minute! Continue reading

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Part 4. Washtub Rehab – Construction

Today I construct my washtub’s frame, cut the doors, and muscle-on the casters! Continue reading

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Part 3. Washtub Rehab – The Plans

Some roughed-out plans for turning an old washtub into a grill stand/cooler. Continue reading

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Part 2. Washtub Rehab – Prepping

I’m sharing my first steps towards physically preparing my canvas (aka the washtub), by removing the rusted, worn down casters currently crimped onto the legs. Check out the gallery for the work-in-progress. Continue reading

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Señor Testicles

Hey everybody, as you may already know, May is Masturbation Month! In that vein, and with testicular cancer awareness in mind, I bring you a PSA from the Testicular Cancer Awareness mascot, Señor Testicles!

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Part 1. Washtub Rehab – Introduction

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting about the design, process and pitfalls of turning this dingy old laundry washtub into a retro and functional piece of patio furniture. Continue reading

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