Part 2. Washtub Rehab – Prepping

I’m rehabbing an old laundry washtub into a grill cart/cooler combo. I say grill cart, but really the same concept could be adapted for a garden cart with storage, or a mini-bar or even just a table.

I’ve begun the arduous task of prepping the washtub for my project, which will involve painting it, adding new patio/garden-friendly casters and ultimately attaching a two-piece opening tabletop. Part of prepping is obviously drawing out my plans on paper, but I haven’t gotten far enough yet with that to publish them at this moment. So in lieu of drawings, I’m sharing my first steps towards physically preparing my canvas (aka the washtub), by removing the rusted, worn down casters currently crimped onto the legs. Check out the gallery for the work-in-progress.

Next time - The Plans!

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